Hope Ginsburg with Composer Joshua Quarles

Land Dive Team: Amphibious James was a public performance at the site of the James River co-commissioned by the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU and the Richmond Symphony. The piece was a meditation for the James with the species that live on its shores, in its waters, and in the air above. There were three movements in the score by Joshua Quarles and three main components in the project: a Land Dive Team of nine participants meditating with scuba gear during movements one and three, a wind ensemble of nine musicians, and an Amphibious Dive Team (including myself) that entered the river during the second movement to send live sound back to the mix on the shore using full face masks outfitted with telecommunications gear. The first movement focused on species who dwell on land and included field recordings from the wetlands along the James River. The second movement incorporated underwater fish recordings as well as a meditation that I recited from within the river. The third movement was the “amphibious” culmination, including field recordings of frogs and the return of the Amphibious Dive Team to join the meditating Land Dive Team. The full transcript that was spoken from the river appears at the above "more" link.

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Listen to abridged audio of the live piece.