A solo project at Julia Friedman Gallery.

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The first solo exhibition in Julia Friedman Gallery's "Solo Shorts" summer program is Hope Ginsburg's new project, "Double Dare." "Double Dare," Nickelodeon's hit children's game show which premiered in 1986, put 12 year olds through a variety of absurd stunts, such as wading through kiddie pools filled with milk and cereal or competing to see who could pop the most whip-cream-filled balloons. Along with those feats the kids were asked trivia questions about topics ranging from popular sitcoms to US presidents.
In 1986, Ginsburg and five of her 7th grade classmates were selected to be participants on the show. Ginsburg and two other girls chosen for the show were friends at the time and the three are close friends to this day. And, as if the talent scouts had the uncanny ability to see into the future, each has grown up to be a cultural producer in her own right. Elizabeth Schambelan is an editor at Artforum and a frequent contributor to that magazine and Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, (known to her fans as Mirah) is a musician and songwriter.
Double Dare poses questions about the way our culture is shaped by the intersecting arcs of media, individual creative output and personal relationships.