Duplicate set. Originials are in the hands of the 117 Land Divers, 4 Amphibious Divers, 32 Land Dive Support Team members, and 1 Land Dive Patron, certified during thirteen Land Dives since 2014.

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Participants earn their Land Diver certification following a meditation instruction, a scuba gear orientation, a meditation without scuba and at least two ten-minute Land Dives with scuba gear.
Support team member roles include but are not limited to: dive assistant, divemaster, photographer, producer, sound recordist, videographer.
Land Dives to date:

Institute for Contemporary Art, Artist's Choice, Richmond, Virginia 2018
Haxall Headgate Park, Festival of the River, Richmond, Virginia, 2018
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Nomad/9 MFA, Miami, Florida, 2018
Vizcaino Community Park, Inquiry Pop-up, Marfa, Texas, 2016
Boys and Girls High School, Creative Time Summit, Brooklyn, New York, 2015
Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada, 2015
UCI Road World Championships, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, 2015
Mildred’s Lane, Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, 2015
Rice Rivers Center Patio & Pavilion, Richmond, Virginia 2015
Rice Rivers Center Wetlands, Richmond, Virginia, 2015
Dukan Desert, Qatar, 2015
Zekreet, Qatar, 2015
Rauschenberg Residency, Captiva, Florida, 2014
Certifications as of December 2018:
117 Land Divers
4 Amphibious Divers
31 Support Team Members 
1 Patron 
Participating and Supporting Dive Shops:
Grove Scuba, Miami, Florida
COJO Diving, Lincoln, New Brunswick (Production and Support)
Funky Li’l Dive Shop, Toyahvale, Texas
Middletown Scuba, Middletown, New York
Qatar Scuba Center, Doha, Qatar
Scuba Network, New York, New York
Scubavice Dive Center, Ft. Myers, Florida
The Dive Shop, Richmond, Virginia (Patron, Production and Support)

Photo: Sam Fritch
Photo: Sam Fritch
Photo: Sam Fritch
Photo: Sam Fritch
Photo: Sam Fritch